All You Need To Know About Sarms & Peptides

What is SARM’s? What functions do they perform? How are they any different from other supplements? If you’re looking for detailed information on SARM’s then you’ve come to the right place. Read on further to find more.

What is SARM?

SARM stands for selective androgen receptive modulator. If you’re a bodybuilder and have been researching on what supplements to use and what you should include in your diet, then you must have come across SARM. The Androgen receptors belong to a family of steroid hormones and play a vital role in the development and physiology of tissues. They have very similar effects to testosterone.

They are relatively new and a lot of testing and research is needed to make sure they perform well and don’t have any harmful side-effects. Despite the lack of research selective androgen receptive modulators are readily available on the market to be used as supplements for bodybuilders.

Some people prefer SARM’s as their go-to supplements for gaining bulk while others advice novice bodybuilders to take caution when meddling with such supplements. They were developed in the 1990’s as laboratory experiments to cure cancer patients, however, their research was soon shut down, until recently they have become popular with bodybuilders for testosterone type supplements. They were never meant for bodybuilding purposes, but rather, they were made for people who had diseases that caused muscle and bone loss.

Are Peptides safe and legal to use?

Before you consider buy peptides for bodybuilding purposes, it’s only fair to let you know of the whole truth. On the internet, you will find many praises regarding the supplement and will often see them being sold at high prices. You might have seen this with other performance-enhancing drugs, that they are not sold legally.

This drug is sold legally, but it doesn’t mean it’s totally safe for use. Many companies that sell this drug term it as “for research purposes”. It serves as a great loophole to avoid any legal actions, but bodybuilders still manage to get their hands on these supplements. SARM’s differ from other supplements because they don’t focus on the liver, heart and other organs. They are called selective because they are produced keeping only muscle in mind. Very few steroids operate this way, that’s why there isn’t much knowledge available about them being safe for use and how exactly you should use them.

They still lack lots of research and time hasn’t been properly put into them in order to deem them safe for consumption. Even FDA has termed them illegal to sell for human use. If anyone’s selling you these supplements and reassuring you that they are safe, Think again! You should take such “facts” with a grain of salt and it’s better if you wait for further research or use safer alternatives for your mass gaining purposes.

Things to consider before consuming SARM’s:

Here are some encounters and documented benefits and side effects of using SARM’s. If you are considering using them, going through this list might help clear out confusions for you.

SARM will suppress your natural testosterone growth

This has been recorded with many people who consumed these supplements. SARM will lower your body’s natural testosterone growth and the effects depend on your rate of consumption and how much you consume in one go. Many people buy them because supplements are supposed to increase your testosterone levels, but SARM’s have been shown to do the negative and this is one of the biggest side effects of using these for your body.

They lower your levels of luteinizing hormone alongside follicle-stimulating hormone. These can significantly reduce your testosterone level and ultimately your sperm count. The company’s who sell these products have no harmful intentions, the only problem that seems to be prevalent is that there hasn’t been much research so no one knows for sure how beneficial or harmful they can be.

Side effects increase with more consumption

If you have been taking SARM’s and experiencing any negative effects, you can discontinue their use and their side effects go away on their own. The intensity with which they have an impact on your body depends on how much you consume them. They are not dangerous in low doses and as compared to other steroids, they are easier to recover from.

Bodybuilders have reported increased acne and hair loss with more consumption of these supplements. This happens as a result of you putting in excess artificial growth hormones in your body and this causes your body’s own natural processes to slow down causing all sorts of problems. These problems can persist for years even after you have stopped taking these steroids. If you face any problems, then it’s best to discontinue use and get in contact with a good dietician who knows what’s inside these supplements and can guide you towards a better alternate.

SARM raise your risk of cancer

This is the main reason why the research was stopped for these supplements. The mice which were tested with these supplements showed an increase in the cancerous tumours in their body.

Some people might argue that it was because of increased doses, but no. The lab rats were given minimum doses and still, the cancer growth persisted.

 If you consider the human consequences for its consumption, you will see that bodybuilders consume more than the safe limit of the supplement and are at extremely great risk for cancer and other body tumour related issues.


Many SARM products aren’t what they are sold to be. They are termed as “not fit for human consumption” by the FDA. Their official use is for research and research only. The risks involved with using them for gaining purposes are far higher than their advantages. They can increase your risks of cancer. They are a high investment low return supplements. The companies who sell these supplements for human use are either unaware of their harms or are misleading their clients for gaining profits. Therefore, it’s better to stay on the safe side and always contact your dietician before consuming unrecognized supplements.